Our Purpose and Passion

We base our dedication to empowering young people on the shared wisdom we have acquired over the course of our own journeys to success.



Remember when you were young and would dream about what you wanted to be when you “grew up?” It was exciting to look forward to a future full of promise. Since deciding on your profession, if you are like most of us, there have been times when you have felt stagnant and unfulfilled. I know I did. But when those feelings persisted, I realized I needed to do some in-depth soul searching. I started asking myself how I might best put to use my passion for business and for motivating and encouraging others.

Why wait until someone is struggling with these issues to help them? Why not take a leadership role to encourage and instruct young people so they can be equipped with the confidence and knowledge they need to make solid life choices?

Empowering Confident Youth is one answer to that question. The Empowering Confident Youth programs equip and encourage young people to discover who they are and what they are passionate about. We hope to inspire them toward a life of purpose-driven choices.

Our programs help students discover what brings them joy in life—through the use of interactive lessons and activities, videos, books, and a community of mentors and partners. Students also learn how to use their discoveries to live a life that is personally fulfilling and successful.

Empowering Confident Youth programs go beyond the traditional social-emotional learning programs that emphasize the importance of an orderly community and peaceful social relationships. This program encourages students to do those things because they have been allowed to imagine, build, and live their own present and future. In doing so, I think we can all agree that the world will be in good hands because today’s young people will have the confidence to be influential and conscientious leaders tomorrow.

Warm Regards,

Jean Paul Paulynice, M.B.A.