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What do we receive when we purchase the ECY Program?

The Empowering Confident Youth programs are laid out in an easy to follow 11-week syllabus. Your purchase of the elementary school, middle school, or high school program consists of informational materials (downloadable e-content, fun activities, and more) for you to share with students, parents, and other teachers, a complete instructor manual, and a student workbook. You will also have access to an in-service training or video chat to prepare you to conduct the ECY workshop.

Which product bundle is right for us?
That depends entirely on your needs. We are considering options for downloadable e-content, printed materials, single-teacher licensing, school-wide licensing, yearly licensing, “lifetime” licensing, and community organization licensing. We will nail down the details after our pilot programs. In the near future we plan to have a bundle that includes a kit with all of the workshop materials needed to run the ECY workshops ready-prepped for you.
How are we allowed to use (or not use) the ECY Program?
Your purchase entitles you to use this product in accordance with your purchase. You may not copy or distribute this material to unlicensed classrooms, include this material in any other printed product, or re-sell this material for any reason.
What are the instructor requirements for the course?
The ECY program is designed to be conducted by any adult who has a positive role in the lives of teens and young adults. Classroom teachers are the first logical choice, but administrators, room parents, coaches, and after-school, summer program, or group home counselors can all be effective workshop instructors.

This course does rely on guidance and spirited interaction with students. It is recommended that instructors be comfortable with public speaking, presenting themselves with calm authority to a group of young people, and have the ability to connect respectfully with whoever is in the class.

How long are the classes and how often do we convene?
The Empowering Confident Youth classes are designed to be taught one hour once a week for 9 to 10 weeks. However, this flexible model can be adapted to longer or shorter class times or longer/shorter academic cycles. Contact us for help customizing the program to your needs!
How flexible or scripted is the course?
The power of this workshop-based program is in its flexibility. You are provided with a complete syllabus and program materials, which we recommend teaching with fidelity the first time. The course topics are designed to be taught in a specific order because the experiences week by week build on each other. However, as the instructor, you have the flexibility to be responsive to your class. Include your own life experiences, your knowledge of your students’ personalities, and your community circumstances as seems appropriate.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a program very much based on students finding their own interests, passion, and purpose in life. As such, any time students are enjoying an activity, are deep in a discussion, or are wrapped up in a project, go with it! There is no predetermined need to stay on track at the cost of powerful student experiences. You can adjust as needed moving forward.

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A Message from the Creator,

I became an entrepreneur when I found working in a traditional office setting to be unfulfilling. I wrote two books to share my vision of living with passion and purpose with others and have had a humbling amount of success.

Now, as the father of two young girls, I ask myself, “How can I help upcoming generations prepare themselves for the future?” Social-Emotional Learning Programs are wonderful for well-behaved students and orderly school communities, but where are students being invited to imagine their own future and take part in planning it? I developed this program to share my passion and purpose with young people so they can start on a purpose-driven path whenever they are ready.

Warm Regards,

Jean Paul Paulynice, M.B.A.