Download Your Free Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program

Thank you so much for your interest in Empowering Confident Youth. Each program is specifically designed for varying educational levels and based on research by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). Choose the program that fits your needs, whether you’re teaching in a physical or virtual classroom. Become one of 25 possible pilot schools when you download your sample today!

Sample Elementary school Program

Building Confidence and Curiosity Through Play and Self-Discovery is an innovative new social-emotional learning-based, workshop-style class for students in third through fifth grade. This program is packed with developmentally appropriate activities designed to get kids interacting and introspecting.

Sample Middle School Program

A Purpose-Driven Future, helps older teens craft the kind of life they want for the years to come. While students in high school may be better off socially and emotionally than those in middle school, their future is looming much more imminently. This is also the phase of life when students are really trying to differentiate and become unique individuals while grappling with family and societal expectations.

Sample High School program

Building Confidence and Purpose Through Active Self-Discovery is a guided, experiential process designed to help tweens and teens through the process of discovering and defining themselves and finding strength and joy in their unique qualities. Students will begin to articulate their core values and investigate their individual motivations, curiosities, and, eventually, passions.