Empowering Confident Youth®

A Faith-based Program for students 8-18

Reaching Success Through Faith

Helping Our Youth Understand Their Values and Purpose


Empowering Confident Youth will benefit many students because adolescents and even adults do not know how to go about finding their passion. Nor do they know how to tackle the fears that hold them back from leading a full life. The earlier they get those lessons the earlier they can begin to be more fulfilled.

—VLS, Program Reviewer

Other programs pride themselves on producing ‘good’ students; ECY is asking students to create their own goals, measures of success, and think for themselves. Not only do I believe this will create successful adults in the long run, it will help students uncover who they are and lead them to a goal that was not discussed when I attended middle and high school: authentic happiness.

—Christy L., Program Reviewer

I am a public-school teacher of 15 years and mother to a 23-year old “Zoomer.” Empowering Confident Youth offers a refreshing new perspective. Generation Z needs to be equipped with an understanding of themselves and able to translate that into productive action. This program helps them begin that journey sooner rather than later.

—Ms. J Scherer, Former Teacher

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The Empowering Confident Youth® Faith-based Program Helps Students

  • Set and meet goals based on Christian principles
  • Improve their ability to handle social and emotional issues
  • Fuel their desire for living with passion and purpose

The Benefits

  • Motivation to make faith-based choices
  • A future built on a strong sense of faith
  • A strong purpose and positive attitude

Inspire Youth with Faith-based Lessons Today and See Results Tomorrow!

Affordably priced at only $55.99, with easy-to-follow instructions. This flexible 10-week program is designed for children ages 8-18 years and can be done at home.

30% OFF for a Limited-time!
Receive the PDF for only $79.99 $55.99

School-wide license included

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We are so confident that you will see a remarkable improvement in your students and/or children’s self-awareness and self-confidence that we back our program with a 90-day guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied we will return your money, no questions asked.
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