The Best Investment

You Will Ever Make in your child's future

our objective

Turning Dreams into Action

Empowering Confident Youth Programs are a series of eleven,
one hour workshops, designed to be taught once a week.

We Currently Offer Four Leadership Programs:

Our Vision

Why is the program innovative?

Today more than ever, educators recognize benefits of social-emotional learning (SEL) initiatives, but available programs are often challenging to implement and lack focus on “entrepreneurial spirit.” We define an entrepreneurial spirit as living with passion and purpose, following your dreams, and refusing to accept defeat.

Our Key Pillars for developing an entrepreneurial spirit provide a new perspective on SEL curricula. We have elaborated on the CASEL competencies to create a social-emotional learning program based on nine foundational pillars. These pillars form a road map young people everywhere can use to explore themselves and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.

ECY was developed based on the belief that young people with a passion and enthusiasm for life will be the exceptional community members, amazing parents, and capable leaders needed to face an uncertain future.


Long-Term Goals

This program was born from a missing piece in our educational system, and we hope to fill that gap. Our program will not only help young people develop their individual identity, but it will also help them find their purpose in life. We aim to turn the program into a full course offered at middle schools, high schools, and colleges everywhere. The core principles of this program, combined with practical knowledge, know-how, and application, will help young people develop life skills, self-confidence, ambition, and passion for a life of hard work, purpose, and service.


What Participants Have to Say