Easy Program Implementation

Empowering Confident Youth Programs are a series of eleven,
one hour workshops, designed to be taught once a week.

We Currently Offer Four Leadership Programs:

Each Program Includes the Benefits of:


Flexible content to personalize and customize for your students and participants.


Comprehensive instructor’s manual for easy program implementation


A combination of Collaborative For Academic, Social, And Emotional Learning techniques with the proprietary pillars of self-awareness, self-confidence, and living with passion and purpose.


Engaging age-appropriate content to inspire and motivate each student.


Ongoing instructor support from our expert team.


Curriculum materials that support online learning.


Key Pillars

An Empowering Program To Develop Courageous & Successful Youth

Understanding the Unique Self

Students need to develop an understanding of the unique identity that makes each of them inherently special.

Articulating Core Values and Motivations

Our core values are unique and the heart of our motivations, and they will guide students in the next steps of their journeys.

Exploring Personal Interests and Curiosities

Students need to explore their interests and curiosities in order to discover their passion and path for the future.

Goal Setting and Purpose-Driven Choices

Students use their own personal interests and values to start to envision their brightest future, encouraging them to set goals and make purpose-driven choices to achieve those goals.

Confronting Doubts and Fears

Developing an awareness of negative beliefs that can hold students back in life helps them make informed decisions about issues they may need to work through to achieve success.

Building Self-Confidence

Students can cultivate belief in themselves as capable individuals with valuable strengths that are deserving of success.

Social Skills and Community Awareness

Students develop the understanding that their actions impact others and they have important contributions to make to society.

Living with Passion

Living a passion and purpose-driven life will lead students to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

Cultivating An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Having the drive to tackle challenges with enthusiasm, creativity, and a can-do attitude will give students the ability to take charge of their lives.


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